Alvin Atlas, DVM



Dr. Atlas earned his DVM from Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988 and has been part of the RAC team for more than 20 years. In addition to caring for dogs and cats, he has a special interest in avian, exotic and wildlife species. His patients include rabbits, iguanas, turtles, ferrets and an array of birds, including raptors.

Dr. Atlas also provides consultations and accepts referrals from breeders, area veterinarians and the Birmingham Zoo. He also works with raptors and native species as a volunteer veterinarian and board member with the Alabama Wildlife Center and Ruffner Mountain Nature Center. He is a member of numerous species-specific veterinary professional organizations and works with several state and local nonprofits dedicated to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

Dr. Atlas celebrated a well-deserved retirement in 2022. He is enjoying time with his wife Jill doing wildlife photography, canoeing and scuba diving. They share their home with three golden retrievers, two shih-tzus, a Senegal parrot, several freshwater aquaria and an endless procession of turtles.