Preventive Care Plans

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Safeguard Your Pet’s Lasting Health

Just like you, your furry family member needs regular preventive care to safeguard their lasting health. A preventive care plan helps to make sure you enjoy every minute together. A preventive care plan gives your pet access to an array of doctor-recommended wellness services at an affordable monthly cost.

What’s Included in Our Preventive Care Plans

Preventive Care plans cover routine preventive care, just like the annual checkup you get at the doctor. From core vaccinations and health screenings to a range of preventive care services, our preventive care plans deliver personalized care to keep your trusted companion in the best of health at every age and life stage.


Head-to-tail exams catch health problems early, before they turn serious. Your veterinarian will recommend the ideal schedule of visits based on your pet’s breed, age, lifestyle, and more.


Just like you, your pet is vulnerable to contagious diseases. Vaccinations protect your four-legged friend from harmful viral and bacterial conditions, including rabies and distemper.


Diagnostic tests, such as a complete blood count and fecal test, check for early signs of health problems. Younger pets typically need fewer of these tests, while more comprehensive tests help protect pets as they age.



Behavior problems can be a marker for underlying medical problems. Our veterinary professionals get to the root of the problem, so you two remain the best of friends.

Nutrition & Exercise

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the building blocks of lasting health for your trusted companion. Your veterinarian can design the perfect combination of nutrition and exercise for your pet.

Healthy Smiles

By age three, most pets have some form of gum disease. Sore teeth and infected gums can make mealtime painful. Regular dental exams and cleanings protect your pet’s healthy smile by catching dental disease early.

What’s the Cost?

Preventive Care to Fit Your Budget

We believe in honoring your bond with your trusty sidekick by doing our utmost to keep them happy and healthy. That’s why we offer preventive care plans with manageable monthly payments that you can work into your budget. Our goal is to make the cost of optimal wellness more affordable for pet parents. We offer different plans tailored to dogs and cats at every age. Learn more about what’s included and our plan pricing below!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Preventive Care plans and pet insurance may seem similar, but they work differently. Preventive Care plans cover and can help you save on routine preventive care, just like the annual checkup you get at the doctor.

In contrast, pet insurance is a healthcare policy to protect you against the risk of unexpected costs. Insurance can reimburse you for services like emergency surgery or costly treatments, sparing you from making tough decisions about your pet’s health and longevity.

Preventive Care plans and pet insurance go hand in hand, but they are not the same thing.

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Our preventive care plans are designed to help proactively prevent health problems and catch illnesses early – when they’re easiest to treat and less of a hit to your wallet.

By enrolling your pet in one of our plans, you can save more than $300 annually on preventive care services like vaccinations, wellness exams, diagnostic tests, and more! Plus, catching issues early is almost always a money saver by getting a jump on things before they become more advanced or untreatable.

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Regular preventive care sets your pet on the path to a long, healthy life. Preventive care plans help make sure you enjoy every minute together. Enroll in a preventive care plan today or contact us for more information about our plans.

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Safeguard Your Pet’s Health Today

Take the next step in helping your pet live a healthier, happier life. Enroll in one of our preventive care plans today!

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Learn more about the skilled and compassionate professionals who make up the Riverview Animal Clinic team.

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Learn more about the skilled and compassionate professionals who make up the Riverview Animal Clinic team.

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