Brianne Hardy



Growing up in a small rural Arizona town, Brianne not only owned various species of pets – including dogs, cats, a ferret, a hamster and turtles – but she also became the pet-sitter for all the neighborhood companion animals, which included dogs, cats, horses and birds. The experience sparked her determination to have a career that involved working with animals.

Brianne graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science, while working full time at a veterinary clinic. During this time, she also interned and later volunteered at the local zoo, which piqued her interest in exotic species. She moved to Alabama and began working at the Alabama Wildlife Center, rehabilitating native avian species, fascinated by the wide variety of birds she learned about.

While working at the AWC, she also learned about Riverview Animal Clinic since the clinic treats injured birds for the organization. “With my prior veterinary experience and growing interest in birds, I figured RAC would be the perfect fit for me,” Brianne says.

She was right, joining Riverview as a veterinary technician in 2016 and assuming her current role as medical team director in 2020. When not at work, Brianne enjoys music, birdwatching, spending time at the lake and traveling.