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Welcome to Dr. Tate’s Weekly Reflections – your exclusive glimpse into Riverview Animal Clinic’s passion for pet well-being. Join us each week as we delve into diverse topics, from cutting-edge veterinary medicine to heartwarming patient stories. Discover the ‘whys’ behind our ‘hows’ and gain insights into the world of veterinary care. Come explore with us and unlock the secrets to a happier, healthier life for your beloved pets.

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What’s Up With our Pet’s Bad Breath?

Who has ever leaned into your pet for kisses only to be totally grossed out? Let’s face it, pet breath can be yucky. The good news is that it does not have to be. Bad breath in our pets is not just overwhelming but it can be a sign of health…

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New Year, New Goals

Are you a Resolution type person? Some of us are with the New Year and the celebration of a fresh start gives up room to have a “do over” of sorts. It’s a time to start better habits whether those affect our physical health or our mental wellbeing.  This year…

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Holiday Gratitude

As we enter into the Holiday season, Riverview Animal Clinic would like to share one profound message: Thank you. During the busy time of the Holidays, it is easy to be stressed and distracted with the pressures around us. I would like to take a moment as we begin our…

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Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in the Veterinary Space

As humans, we are natural creatures of habit. We like to see the same people, we like to know what to expect, and we are hesitant to accept change especially when it might be scary. These past three years of uncertainty during and in the recovery of COVID has only…

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Prevention is Part of the Solution for Care

The special bond that we have with our pets is indescribable. Their capacity for unconditional love and joy they bring has been shown to benefit our health in so many ways. Studies show that having pets increases our physical health, mental wellbeing, and so importantly nowadays can help reduce stress.…

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Celebrating National Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants Week!

As National Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistant Week is being celebrated, it provides an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the team members that ensure exceptional patient care is delivered daily to every guest and patient in our practice. As a veterinarian, I am privileged and thankful to…

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