Celebrating National Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants Week!


As National Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistant Week is being celebrated, it provides an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the team members that ensure exceptional patient care is delivered daily to every guest and patient in our practice. As a veterinarian, I am privileged and thankful to work alongside such a caring group of dedicated professionals. This role has developed over my short tenure as one of a multi-talented nursing care professional.  I hope to introduce you to the vital and necessary role that Veterinary technicians and assistants play in our practice and care personally for your pet’s health in the exam room and beyond. 

  1.  Veterinary technicians and assistants are the first responders to all patient care needs. They are responsible for patient monitoring in our boarding guests, medical ICU, during surgery and dental procedures, and they triage urgent needs in the exam rooms. They administer anesthesia and monitor pain levels for our pets both pre and post-operatively. Their vigilance helps to ensure the well-being and safety of all our animal patients undergoing general anesthesia and sedation for minor procedures.
  2. Did you know that they are accomplished phlebotomists and radiology technicians? They collect lab samples from all species – dogs, cats, and even Bearded Dragons! Our technical team is responsible for all radiographs and sending studies for consults to help facilitate correct diagnosis and treatments for all patients.
  3. In addition to being technical experts, our team is also responsible for clear and accurate client communication and education. Need help learning how to give medications? Our medical team can help show you creative ways to administer medication, give injections, and treat topical issues so that we achieve the best compliance for you in your own home. As a result, this ensures the best possible outcome of therapy. Often they are my go-between with my patients on the phone or in the chats to help deliver timely information and help to schedule follow-up care while I am helping another client. 
  4. From a clinic management perspective, they help manage inventory, organization of the flow of the day’s work demands and appointment needs. Need a last-minute appointment? They are the ones to help facilitate that process. The part of the team also helps with record management and follow-up call backs to make sure that your pets are getting better at home!

While we celebrate our Veterinary Technicians and Assistants during this week, they truly are an integral part of Riverview’s care team providing exceptional patient care, support, and communications to our patients and clients. As a veterinarian, my days are filled with gratitude for the wonderful work that they do and their commitment to their patients. Let us celebrate our team this week and every week throughout the year.

If you have a chance, show some appreciation to our Veterinary Medical Team and all our team members for their remarkable contributions to your pet’s health and well-being. They care personally and have an emotional investment in your pet beyond just the exam room!