Carol Parks


PRACTICE ADMINISTRATOR Birmingham born and raised, Carol Parks is no stranger to Riverview. She often remembers passing by our clinic when it was on a two-lane highway and was the last business to be seen for miles. Little did she know, she would be working there one day. Carol received her accounting degree from UAB Carol Parks

Allison Cason


CLIENT SERVICES DIRECTOR Allison Cason has always had an interest in animals. Growing up in Arlington, Texas, she tended to dogs, cats, and hamsters. She is also a people person and loves making others feel welcome, which is what led her to launch a career in human medicine. After dedicating 15 years to the medical Allison Cason

Brianne Hardy


MEDICAL TEAM DIRECTOR Growing up in a small rural Arizona town, Brianne not only owned various species of pets – including dogs, cats, a ferret, a hamster and turtles – but she also became the pet-sitter for all the neighborhood companion animals, which included dogs, cats, horses and birds. The experience sparked her determination to Brianne Hardy